updated 16/6/2014



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From day 16 to 27 (or so) I will not be able to publish anything because I’ll be on vacation and will not have wifi. I will try to queued some edits today :)

Chloe in the cover of Elle Girl Russia

The 5th Wave will premiere on June 29th, 2016! i’m so excited omg i can’t wait!

Chloë Moretz Challenge ➝ [7/7] Candids

Doing a photoshoot in New York City [18/6/2014]

Chloë Moretz Challenge ➝ [6/7] Candids

Departing from LAX [8/10/2013]

I finally reach my goal :) Thank you guys so much!

Chloë Moretz Challenge ➝ [5/7] Candids

Leaving Betty Mae casting agency in Santa Monica [22/9/2011]

Chloë Moretz Challenge ➝ [4/7] Candids

Shopping at American Apparel [29/10/2011]

Chloë Moretz Challenge ➝ [3/7] Candids

First day of production on Carrie in Toronto [25/6/2012]

Chloë Moretz Challenge ➝ [2/7] Candids

Skateboarding in Santa Monica [30/5/2014]